About Us

About Smart Container Homes

Thank you for sharing our fascination for smart, savvy, small housing.

Smart Container Homes (SCH) is an Australian-owned and operated company that captures and contains the very essence of stylish, workable small housing. Big ideas incorporated into small spaces, which bring priority and perspective to the property market.

While others are thinking outside the box, we’ve found the smart solution to stylish, affordable housing by focusing inside the container.

The SCH team has engaged with leading interior and exterior design and construction suppliers and consultants to bring their concept of exciting, liveable small homes and affordable housing to reality. Offering a genuine alternative to the traditional concept of housing. Putting affordable housing into perspective to empower more Australians to get into the housing market, without compromising quality and liveability.

We ensure our consistent quality workmanship through strict Australian building code standards delivering smart design and innovation value.

So if you like the design and layout of our flagship model please free to REGISTER to book your personal inspection or order now.

Best regards
SCH team.

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